Meditation in Zürich

Verzeichnis der Meditationsmöglichkeiten
im Raum Zürich


Heart-Insight Meditation (buddhistisch)

Shelly Sharon
Minervastrasse 33
Zurich Kreis 1 (Altstadt)

Each week focuses on a changing theme, base on the ancient insight teachings (Vipassana), with a contemporary orientation to be able to apply the teachings to our daily life, without loosing the depth of spirituality. The talk will follow with a 30-40 minute silent and guided meditation finishing with a Q&A. It's extremely easy to get into the trans of negative thoughts and business. These meditation sessions will bring many benefits to your life including tools to relax and step out of stress and negative thoughts, cultivate strong inner centre to serve you in making the right decisions, sharpen your focus, and taking heart-aligned and insightful actions. Shelly brings 20 years of practice in meditation, studied under some of the most world known teachers, to share with people to reach happiness and grow awareness in life. Space is limited to 8 participants. Attendance only through booking via the link. Suitable for both beginners and experienced mediators. Meditation cushions are provided.

Montag 18.30-20.00 wöchentlich


Es empfiehlt sich, die Webpage des Veranstalters zu besuchen, um sich über die aktuellen Daten (mögliche Schulferienausfälle usw.) und allfällige Unkostenbeiträge zu informieren.
Einige Veranstalter wünschen eine Anmeldung und/oder setzen eine Einführung voraus.

Kontakt: Shelly Sharon
Telefon: 078 607 31 71
Email: > Routenplaner